Message From The President

Mousa Marafi

Since I joined Kuwait National Petroleum Company as a young engineer in 1968, I have been privileged to witness the outstanding developments achieved throughout the Kuwait oil industry. Yet nothing makes me more proud than to see the ever increasing involvement of young Kuwaitis employed in the local upstream and downstream sectors. Year after year, following the traditions and sacrifice of their forefathers, this capable and emerging national workforce had proved to be the true asset of the country which will be the future foundation for greater national development.

EUROMAR was established to bridge the gap between the local & international capabilities through providing integrated solutions for the energy sector from upstream, downstream, petrochemicals and power generation and distribution, as well as providing related marine products and services. Through its strategic alliances with selected and specialized consultancy, services and engineering companies and suppliers, EUROMAR doesn't only provide operational solutions in these fields, but also provides other supporting solutions that help our customers to achieve their ultimate goals. These supporting solutions include but not limited to performance optimization, HSE, management consultancy, project management and EPC.

Our goal is to provide superior quality and excellent services to our customers, with the most competitive price to satisfy their requirements and hence achieve our vision of being customer's first choice by offering integrated solutions for the energy and & marine sectors.

We are always committed to introducing whatever is required to capture your support and encouragement and we look forward to serving all our customers with pleasure.

Mousa J. Marafi

President & CEO     

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